Bees have many secrets. Some of them we share with you and this is one of the best. Bee Propolis is amazing stuff and you should have a look at what it does...

The Ancient Healer and Source of Good Health

As a nutritional supplement propolis can be very meaningful. Nature has a great variety of substance for the health and well being of people. Besides Honey, Pollen and Royal Jelly, Propolis is one of the best substances nature has for human health.

For thousands of years propolis has been in great esteem. It has been well known as a universal helper in the prevention and healing of ailments and diseases. The ancient Egyptians new about the healing properties of propolis. The name Propolis is of Greek origin and this shows the ancient Greeks too knew about its beneficial properties. It was also used by the Incas of South America to fight infection and fever. Propolis was mentioned in medical literature as part of many medical prepar ations in the 12th Century. During the Boar War in South Africa it was used extens ively in the treatment of war injuries. In recent times Propolis and its benifits have been rediscovered and proved in many European Countries.

In the small space of a beehive about 50,000 to 100,000 bees live closely together , but no bacteria or viruses exist in it. It has been found that antibiotic proper ties of Propolis are responsible for the excellent sanitary conditions of the beeh ive.

The bees collect the raw material for propolis from the buds of plants and trees, especially Poplar trees. They add to it some excretions of their glandular system and this processing by the bees to propolis its surprising properties as well for the beehive as also for the human body. Propolis is a powerful non toxic antibioti c, but has none of the side effects, that drugs can produce.


Generally propolis consists of:

  • 50 to 55% Resins and Balsm
  • 25 to 35% Wax
  • 5% Pollen
  • 5% Organic Materials

How Propolis can benefit human health and well being

As mentioned already, Propolis has been used in popular medicine since ancient tim es. Today it is known as a proven nutritional supplement. It can be especially hel pful with infections and by stimulating the body's own immune system. Further it c an increase physical and mental well being substantially. Propolis can also prove beneficial on the digestive organs, on infections and infl ammations of the urinary tract and sex organs as well as on throat, nose and ear a ilments. It is also helpful in cases of premature aging and in a natural way stimu lates the heart and circulation system. Propolis can be tried for anything in whic h harmful bacteria, germs or viruses are involved.

How it can be used

Propolis is not a drug, has no side effects and is very compatible with the human organism. Therefore an exact dose is not necessary. It is available as a tincture, which is propolis dissolved in alcohol, and can be used internally and externally . For internal use it can be stirred in honey, about 25 to 50ml. Per 500 gm of hon ey. One or two teaspoons of this mixture per day is recommended, as an excellent n utritious supplement for the increase of the body's vitality and especially of its resistance to harmful germs. For external use this tincture can be applied by a d ropper or brush locally where required.

Propolis is available also as a powder. It can be taken on the tip of a teaspoon or as a capsule or mixed with honey about 24 to 50 gm per 500 gm of honey. Propolis in honey would combine the good properties of both honey and propolis. Th is blend can also be spread on bread as a food supplement.

More and more people are getting aware of the benefits of the products from the beehive and realize that " Health is Wealth"

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